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A cold night on Everest

Spending a night on Everest was one of the most memorable nights in my life. It was also one of the coldest. When I first dreamed of travelling at the tender age of 12, I never imagined that I’d be spending a night like this, in a tent. Huddled close to total strangers desperately...

A Vietnamese Night With James The Enigma

  My mum warned me about this. She told me that backpacking alone across Asia was dangerous and that death was on the horizon. Well, my mum was always prone to hysterics, so I ignored that and continued my expedition regardless. But now as I stood behind that door in Vietnam, I...

Baptism of fire in Vietnam

I hated Vietnam when I first arrived. That’s not what I’m supposed to say is it? In fairness, my repulsion probably had little to do with the country itself. I think it had more to do with the fact that my first night there was a disaster. So I’d just arrived fresh-faced...

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