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Please note that the tours below are affiliate links and if you make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that the only reason I am recommending these companies and their products is because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. 

I’ve only selected the tour companies with the best reviews from independent review platforms, because I believe that  the only way to find out whether a tour is any good is to get the opinion of those who have actually tried their services. I’ve also used Big Bus Tours and Sightseeing Pass myself (promoted below) and I can personally attest to the quality of their tours and services.

Check out the blogs below. The blogs are designed to help you to learn more about the different destinations and countries in question. This includes details of tours, activities, places to go, weather information and safety tips.

Travel Talk Tours
(All inclusive packages)

Moroccon Dream

Company: Travel Talk Tours

Morocco Tours take you on a journey through history, culture and incredible, ever diverse landscapes.

From £422

Croatia, Balkans, Europe, travel talk tours

Best of the Balkans

Company: Travel Talk Tours

Travel Talk Balkans tours take you on an unforgettable journey across a fascinating region that has shaped the history of modern Europe

From £185 (€214)

egypt, africa, pyramid, middle east

Ancient Egypt

Company: Travel Talk Tours

Travel Talk’s Egypt tours takes you on a journey to a country which evokes images of ancient civilisations, pyramids, pharaohs and treasure.

From £267

taj mahal, india,

Indian Adventure

Company: Travel Talk Tours

India gives you the opportunity to visit mighty monuments, experience the colourful streets of the big cities, or head into the smoky mountains

From £357

Pierre & Vacancies

spain, how to plan a first trip abroad

Spanish Siesta

Company: Pierre & vacancies

Spain has something for everyone: the movida of Barcelona, flamenco in Sevilla, architecture of Madrid and amazing Spanish food!

From $233 (€270)

eiffel-tower, france, europe

Spectacular France

Company: Pierre & Vacancies

France is the world’s most visited country and blessed with stunning landscapes, Alpine mountains, beautiful meadows, rivers and spectacular sea coasts

From £185 (€214)

Big Bus Tours

Stunning San Francisco

Company: Big Bus Tours

San Francisco is a stunning city of stunning bays, bridges and hills. Revel revel in the flexibility as you explore the treasures of big city life.

From £26 ($35)

Magnificent Chicago

Company: Big Bus Tours

Hop on for panoramic top-deck views of iconic skyscrapers and Lake Michigan, and hop off to explore institutions like Magnificent Mile and Adler Planetarium. 

From £30 ($40)

italy, Rome, Europe,

Imperial Rome

Company: Big Bus Tours

Founded over 2,000 years ago, nowhere can compete with the history, ancient monuments, religious architecture and imperial grandeur of Rome. 

From £24 (€28)

Dubai, Middle East


Company: Big Bus Tours

Experience the true fusion of traditional Arabian charm and futuristic dynamism. Enjoy panoramic views of Dubai’s dramatic skyline, perfect beaches and the world’s tallest building.

From £46 ($61)


Niagra Falls Tour

Tour Company: ToNiagra

Niagara Falls is home to one of the most stunning Natural wonders, however, there is so much more to see and experience in Niagara.

From $199

niagra falls, canada, boat tours

Niagra Boat Tours

Tour Company: ToNiagra

Immerse yourself in the powerful waterfalls of Niagra with an exhilarating boat ride across the rainbow-soaked waters.

From $199

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