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How I Met Myself Abroad

How I Met Myself Abroad I didn’t find myself. But I had one hell of an introduction.  I’m what you would call an experienced traveler. Like most naive, young things, my first dreams of traveling...

digital nomad, how to make money while traveling the world

How To Make Money Online While Traveling

how to make money while travelling the world

How To Make Money Online While Traveling

One of the most common questions people ask is how to make money online while traveling. Many make money by teaching in classrooms, or doing physical work. However, a growing number of travellers are concerned with how to work from any location. While I have included examples of physical work in this blog, my main focus concerns online work. Even with the physical occupations, I’ve included information on how to find those jobs online.

If you just want to make money to fund some of your travelling activities on route, there are so many ways to do this! From teaching a foreign language in Asia to being the best Barista in Brazil! 

Most jobs can be pretty easy to come by. But why do something abroad that you could do back home? After all, isn’t the point of travelling to open the mind and experience new things? This is only half true. Actually, I would argue the point of travelling is to immerse yourself in another culture. You learn so much about the country you are in by working in it and getting to see the country from a different perspective. Even with an online job, you’ll have the chance to work with other travellers and locals.  

So in this blog you will discover how to make money online while traveling.

Blogging, Social Media & Affiliate Marketing

how to make money online while traveling

Perhaps one of the most personally rewarding and long-term ways of making money abroad is to start creating that blog or website you have always said that you are going to produce. You know, the only difference between you, and the many travel-inspired websites out there is that you just haven’t done it yet. You may think ‘but it’s already been done’, or ‘someone already wrote about that’. However, you have experiences and stories to tell that are also unique and will make you stand out from the crowd.

It is a case of finding your niche and putting in the time and effort. Yes, it can sometimes be a saturated market, but don’t let it put you off. Travel is booming right now and there’s a real pleasure that fellow travellers get from reading real travellers’ stories. What better way to document your travels for your own future viewing pleasure?

Affiliate & Influencer Marketing

digital nomad, how to make money while traveling the world

In any discussion about how to make money online while travelling, affiliate and influencer marketing is nearly always at the top of the list. 

But how do you make money abroad out of this?

Well, you should probably start by building up a strong social media following  on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or otherwise.

But what exactly is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is where you partner with companies or institutions to advertise their products for them. Usually, a link with your own special code is provided to you, which is used on your website. This directs people to buy from the client site and voila, you have earned your first commission!

To learn more about affiliate marketing check out Affilorama. Even more fun is affiliating with a company on Instagram or other social media platform. Sometimes this leads to freebies, paid advertising or even free stays or discounted trips. You never know, you could even appear on the company’s podcast! The opportunities are endless.

In my own experience, Instagram has played an important role in my travel journey. From keeping friends and family back home up to date, to creating my own travel diary of sorts. I started getting interest to advertise for companies when my followers hit the 2,000 mark. 

I know, it isn’t many at all in the grand scheme of things! But it’s meant that those freebies are winging their way to me. And all from companies which fit my mould and are genuinely something I’m really interested in. 

Did you know that companies are increasing their spending on social media influencer advertising, year on year? In 2019, it is expected that 39% of marketers will increase their budget. 42% of marketers shifted from one-off campaigns, to ongoing campaigns. 

This means there are even more companies looking for the perfect partnership to advertise their brand online. The king of social media influencer advertising is Instagram – 68% of marketers cite this platform as the most important. So create great content, get engaging, and build up those followers!