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Travel Stories

The thing I love most about travelling is the weird and wonderful things that happened to me during my time overseas. This section contains a collection of those weird and wonderful stories from my globetrotting adventure.

The runaway bus from Vietnam

Sharing beds with random people was not something I imagined I’d be doing in Vietnam. But as soon as I stepped into that house in the middle of the night, where everyone was sitting in the dark...

A taste of Burmese hospitality

I’d just left the soft, warm Nirvana of Thailand where the memories of the beach and the mind-blowing conversations I’d had with people were still fresh in my mind. I was very sad to...

My stalking nightmare

  Everyone goes on about how dangerous travelling is, but in November 2016, I’d been in Thailand for a month as part of my 8-month global adventure and I was feeling pretty good about things...

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