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Travel planning services

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Travel planning

Who is this service for?

You’ve already selected your destination and you’ve done all the research already but you have a few unanswered questions and you’re stuck on something.

The service we provide:

Let us know what your travel plans are and what you’re stuck with. We’ll help you to refine your perfect travel itinerary so that you can smooth out any problems and focus on enjoying your trip.

You will get:


1) The answers to your questions

2) Alternative options based upon your questions and requirements

3) Full breakdown of costs, deals you can take advantage of and transport options associated with your journey


Who is this service for?

You’ve already selected your destination and you’ve done all the research already but you have a few unanswered questions and you’re stuck on something.

You will get

1) Sights to see

2) Hotel recommendations

3) Tips on how to get around

4) Best restaurants and eateries offering value for money

5) Google map with all the key checkpoints pinned on it

6) Itinerary PDF

7) Exclusive: A FREE guidebook on your specific destination (no other travel planner offers thus)

accommodation/visa research

Who is this service for?

Accommodation – you already know where you want to go and what you want to do but you don’t feel like sifting through hundreds of booking sites, hotels, Airbnb listings or apartments.


Visa researchThis service is perfect if you are travelling to a country for more than a few weeks and you want to access quality, updated information about the visa you will need.


*Please note that this applies to travel visas only and not permanent, student, immigration or permanent work visas.*


You will get

1) A detailed breakdown of application criteria

2) What you will need to apply for the visa

3) Application recommendations

4) Where you can apply

5) Visa costs

6) Pitfalls to be aware of

7) Embassy numbers and details

8) Nearest embassy location and directions to where you live

custom travel planning
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Who is this service for?

General bookingsYou already know where you want to go and you have most of the information you need for your trip. Now you just need someone to tie it all together, get you the best deal for your booking and arrange the transport.


Tour bookings onlyFor those who know where they want to go and have already booked their flights, but they want to get ideas on which tours are going to give them the best value for money and then to book those tours.


You will get


1) Email confirmation of all of your bookings

2) Illustrated itinerary containing key bits of information such as dates, activity suggestions, recommended restaurants, maps, festivals, inclusions, and other major calendar dates, dates and requested bookings

3) Google map with pinned tour activities and accommodation

4) Illustrated guidebook pertaining to your specific destination(s)

why use us?

24/7 Support

I understand how important travel planning is for my customers.
You can contact both myself of my business partner any time, and you'll get a response within a few hours.
That's a promise.

Quality Guidebooks

Quality guidebooks are a lifesaver when you are in unknown territory.
When you book my services, you'll get a free ebook for the destination of your choice.
That's a promise

Safe Payment Guarantee

Payments are protected by PayPal Buyer Protection + a 30 Day money back guarantee. My business relies on word-of-mouth feedback, so you'll always get what you pay for.
That's a promise.

Accurate, In-depth Research

Whatever information or details I provide you can rest secure in the knowledge that the information will always be accurate, updated and comprehensive.
That's a promise

Industry Knowledge

As a content marketing specialist, my client base included dozens of travel companies.
The inside knowledge I gained helped me to save thousands of pounds when travelling.
That's a promise



I was a bit skeptical at first because I hadn't heard of JaninesJourneys. But the money I saved after purchasing their itinerary and booking services has made it all worthwhile.

custom travel planner


Mark Hogan helped me to plan my trip to South Africa. I'm happy I find this because I travel alot so I needed someone to help me ease the burden of arranging things and so everything was booked like expected

custom travel planning


Travelling alone seemed scary to me! It was the first time I went travelling across Europe and Janine made it so much easier! She really put me at ease and it made my journey so much easier!

custom travel planning,

our values


Our business relies upon word-of-mouth. So we are honest with our customers about what we can and cannot do. We'll never misrepresent our services and when we make a mistake, we'll take steps to correct it.


You'll always get the product you paid for with consistent quality. No excuses, no stress, no hassle. You will get the service advertised in the time frame indicated.
As a small business, we can't afford to be lousy. So the end result is superior quality.

Ethical Travel

We only promote tours and services which are sustainable and ethical. By this we mean they are certified with recognised accreditation companies and actively take steps to reduce exploitation of people and communities across the globe.


You will enjoy the highest quality services regardless of which service you use. This means that the information we provide will always be accurate. All of our services will always be professionally presented and comprehensive.


Meets Expectations

Hotels, resorts and enjoyable tour activities are as good as they are described.
Everything goes smoothly and according to plan. There are no nasty surprises.

Value For Money

You are easily able to maintain your budget and still get good value for money.
All of the tours, accommodations and transport you book are worth the money you paid.

Relaxing and enjoyable

The whole point of going on vacation is that you enjoy your trip, regardless of what your plans are. Your enjoyment relies on everything going smoothly. That's what we're here for.

why invest in custom travel planning?

There are many reasons to use a travel planner. Sure, you could probably take some time out to do most of it yourself – but it will cost you time, money and peace of mind. But what are the specific benefits of using a custom travel planner? We discuss this below:

Save Time & Money – a travel planner already has a database of some of the best deals, discounts and affordable listings, and tours. The money you save can literally cut your costs in half – even when you factor in the price of hiring a travel planner. A Custom Travel Planner will spend hours pouring through flight deals, hotel or AirBNB listings, tours and transport options to find you the best option.

Reduce Stress – even a fairly straightforward trip can be stressful to plan. The available options are overwhelming. A travel planner will take on the burden for you and find the best possible outcome and solutions for your trip.

Professional Knowledge – investing in a travel planner can give you access to knowledge that most people just don’t have.

Peace of Mind – You have the security and comfort of knowing that all of the finer details of your trip has been taken care of. You also know that if disaster strikes for some unforeseen reason, your personal travel planner will be there to lend a helping hand


meet our team!

custom travel planning

Janine Griffiths

travel planner

I’m the founder of JaninesJourneys, and after years of representing travel companies across the world, I realised there was something missing in the industry. I aim to fill that gap by ensuring that travellers have all the resources they need to have their dream adventure.

custom travel planning

Mark Hogan

travel planner

Mark Hogan is a travel planner at JaninesJourneys. He joined janinesJourneys in 2018 and has worked for more than 7 years as a travel planner for some of the biggest agencies in the UK.

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why i started janinesjourneys

My name is Janine, I’m the director here at JaninesJourneys.

Travelling has allowed me to experience the richness and depth of various cultures across the world. It’s the reason I built my career on helping other people to achieve their dream of travelling.

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