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The beauty of travelling is meeting people of different races, ethnicities and backgrounds. Sadly, you don’t see much diversity in many travel ads. This is why I’ve highlighted the unique experiences of black travellers and other minority groups. This is not to exclude other backpackers but to speak to the experiences of those underrepresented by many travel ads.

How Traveling to Paris Alone Inspired a Global Adventure

How Traveling To Paris Alone Inspired A Global Adventure She never knew it then but traveling to Paris alone set Danielle Desir on a path that she has continued to this very day. Since she first took that solo adventure many years ago, she has traveled all over the world and made overseas...

black traveller, shira smillee

Reconnecting With Ancestral Struggles As a Black Traveller

Reconnecting With Ancestral Struggles As a Black Traveller The experiences of being a black traveller abroad is a unique one. It certainly was for Shira Smillie, a 23 year old English teacher who is currently living in Spain. Originally from Philadelphia, Shira decided to go backpacking...

black travellers, Michael Roots, black travelers

Breaking Down Stereotypes One Trip At a Time

Breaking Down Stereotypes One Trip At a Time Michael Roots, 47, has a fairly unique story compared to many of the black backpackers I have interviewed as part of his story. He has lived, worked and travelled abroad, in his capacity as a clinical social worker and as a student of yoga and...

Taking on the world and changing narratives

Taking On The World & Changing Your Story Exploring the world as a black female travelling alone comes with its challenges. But it is also the greatest gift you can give to yourself. This is LaKeysha’s story.  Let the world be your oyster and change your narrative through travel. ...

Embracing The World & Living Your Best Life

Embracing The World And Living Your Best Life Derek Johnson, 40, is a black traveler with an amazing story to share. I must say his story was one of my favourite. One of the most amazing things about working on a project where you are gathering eclectic voices from black travelers across...

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