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The beauty of travelling is meeting people of different races, ethnicities and backgrounds. Sadly, you don’t see much diversity in many travel ads. This is why I’ve highlighted the unique experiences of black travellers and other minority groups. This is not to exclude other backpackers but to speak to the experiences of those underrepresented by many travel ads.

black backpacker, black backpackers,

What’s So Special About Black Backpackers?

“Why the focus on black backpackers?” This is a question I often get asked and it’s a great question. The answer is that there are well-documented experiences of travellers who go to countries such as Asia and Africa and attract the attention of curious locals who have never seen white...

black teachers abroad,

Best Overseas Jobs For Black TEFL Teachers

Black backpackers face unique challenges when travelling overseas. These include concerns about discrimination, cultural barriers to backpacking and financial restrictions. In my last blog, one of the points I made was that black people are unlikely to face a significant increase in...

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