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What’s so special about your services?

There are many reasons to choose our services. We are a team of travellers and backpackers who understand the unique challenges of planning a trip abroad.


Industry knowledge

I’ve spent that last ten years working with different types of companies within the travel industry, and other businesses.


This includes travel agencies, tour operators, startups, airlines and accommodation providers. The inside knowledge I gained gave me a valuable insight into how customers can save money when dealing with these companies, and inside knowledge that is not released to the public.


Now I’m turning that knowledge over to you so that you can save money when booking your trip.

My partner Mark Hogan has been a travel planner for as long as he remembers.

In other words, your money is safe in our hands.


You can depend on us

“The information was inaccurate” said nobody ever. We don’t play around when it comes to putting together professional travel itineraries and booking your service.

Our job is to save you money – not waste it.

We understand that time is of the essence and money is of the essence, so just know that hours of research goes into every single one of our service.


Is it really safe to go to Myanmar again after all of the recent trouble? Is it true that you can hop the border in Thailand as soon as your visa runs out and then reenter the company by land?


The above examples don’t even begin to touch upon the hundreds of questions and issues that may crop up when you are booking as trip abroad.

Our job is to ensure they are answered correctly. The great reviews and testimonials we’ve received speak to that experience.


So just know that you are dealing with professionals and not amateurs.


We’re always here to support you

Although there are plenty of people out there offering travel planning services, there are benefits that we offer specifically which you simply can’t get anywhere else.


For example, if you’re backpacking across China and you change your mind and you need free advice or tips, you can contact us and get a response within hours.

If we receive your request at midnight local time and we see your request, then we will answer it. This does not mean that you’ll always get a response within an hour or two but we do not put any time limits or restrictions on when you can contact us and expect a reply back.


We go the extra mile

In addition to the 24 hour service, you will also get a free guidebook pertaining to the destination you are going to. We go above and beyond to ensure that your trip is a successful one. We are backpackers ourselves, so we know how important it is to access the resources that will give you all of the information to help you plan your trip. So we don’t mind throwing in those little extras so that your trip is every bit as great as you thought it would be.


Safe Payment Guarantee

You’ve probably never heard of us before, the service looks, good, but how do you know whether we can be trusted? How do you know that you’ll get what you pay for?

Our safe payment guarantee is protected by the PayPal Safe Payment Guarantee. So this ensures that your payments are safe and that you will get the service you expected.


If you choose to pay another way, you will be protected by our 30 day no-questions asked money-back guarantee.

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