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solo backpacker, how to take a first trip abroad

How To Plan a Solo Backpacking Trip

This blog is for anyone who has ever dreamed of travelling, but feared going alone. It is for anyone who believes that travelling alone is hard, dangerous or taboo. I want you to know that you’re not alone. You should not fear solo travel any more than any other type of travel. Exploring...

How To Plan a First Trip Abroad

Planning your first backpacking trip abroad is harder than it sounds. When I planned my first backpacking trip abroad, I thought it would just be a case of booking my tickets, getting insurance, packing my bags and flying away. But once I started travelling, I realised that there was so...

black teachers abroad,

Best Overseas Jobs For Black TEFL Teachers

Black backpackers face unique challenges when travelling overseas. These include concerns about discrimination, cultural barriers to backpacking and financial restrictions. In my last blog, one of the points I made was that black people are unlikely to face a significant increase in...

What Type of Traveller Are You?

  When you travel, you take on multiple personalities. These personalities vary according to your surroundings, people you meet and deals available. In order to understand what types of trips are going to give you the best memories and the best value for your money, you should really...

backpacker jobs, travel photography

12 Awesome Backpacker Jobs You’ll Actually Love

The one thing that is standing between explorers and the rest of the world is money. There are so many blogs out there about how you can start your own business or become a freelancer but let’s face it, that’s easier said than done. Not everyone can be the next answer to Richard Branson...

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