Who is this service for?


You’ve already selected your destination and you’ve done all the research already but you have a few unanswered questions and you’re stuck on something.

The service we provide:

 Let us know what your travel plans are and what you’re stuck with. We’ll help you to refine your perfect travel itinerary so that you can smooth out any problems and focus on enjoying your trip.

You’ll get a full professionally illustrated breadown of:


  •  The answers to your questions
  • Alternative options based upon your questions and requirements
  • Full breakdown of costs, deals you can take advantage of and transport options associated with your journey

When this service works best:


This custom travel planning service works best when you’ve done the bulk of your planning but you’ve hit a few roadblocks.

Examples of this service might be when you have questions similar to the ones below

“I’m going on a trip to the Vatican, in Italy. Besides the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, do you recommend doing a full day train tour that includes the Vatican Gardens, Castle Gandolfo and the Pontifical Residence? What tour would offer me the best value for money?”

“I’m travelling to the outback in Australia. My plan is to spend as much time as possible in the wilderness away from other people with my family. How can I do so safely and visit all the must-see attractions that help me to make the most of my journey?”

“I’m booking to Negril, Jamaica. How do I find the hotels that include food and drinks and will give me the best value for money, in a safe and scenic part of Negril, located a stone’s throw from the beach?”

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