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I’ve never heard of this company before. Why should I trust you?

We’re not asking you to trust us.


We’re asking you to trust the testimonials and reviews from customers who have actually used our service.


How do you know whether the testimonials on our website are genuine? Well, some of our customers were so pleased with our service that we asked if it was OK to let some of our customers contact them. We’ll gladly send you copies of their testimonial letters, videos and put you in touch with former customers who are happy to be contacted.


Online shopping and travel planning can be a risky venture at the best of times, so we’re more than happy to prove that we’re the real deal.


It’s true, we are a small, boutique company of two. However, between us, we’ve been to more than 80 countries and utilize a network of travellers and companies all over the world to bring you the best, and most accurate information.

So while we are by no means a major travel corporation nor are we a widely recognized travel agency, this only really means that we rely heavily on word-of-mouth custom.


In other words, as an independent travel company, we have to work harder to ensure that we meet our customer’s expectations.


We can’t afford to give inaccurate or misleading information or a shoddy service.


And that’s the promise and guarantee you get with our travel agency – you will save time and money using our service.

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