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What Type of Traveller Are You?

  • THE MAINSTREAM TOURISTThe Mainstream Tourist loves the popular and famous attractions. They prefer to stay very much on the beaten track. Quite often, they will cave to peer pressure from family and friends to see the main tourist hotspots that everyone’s heard about.
  • THE WEIRDOThe Weirdo has a taste for the odd, unusual attractions that are on the fringes of mainstream society. They’ve got no time for the tourist traps, they are very much off the beaten track. They are likely to see tourist hotspots as a gimmick and they prefer to tell their peers about the weird and unusual places they’ve been that no-one else has.
  • THE FRINGE TRAVELLERThe Fringe Traveller is kind of a hybrid between the previous two. They crave the weird and the unusual mix of attractions available, but they occasionally dig the popular, tourist attractions and tours as well. They love boasting about the famous landmarks they’ve visited, along with tales of those other attractions that are off the beaten track.
  • THE BUDGET BACKPACKERThe Budget Backpacker loves the thrill and adventure of exploring the world, and saving money along the way. They prefer to do what the locals do and live on a similar budget. They just love immersing themselves in a totally foreign culture and will often return with tales of the things they got up to overseas.
  • THE BARGAIN HUNTERAs the name suggests, The Bargain Hunter loves to bag a good deal on their holiday. They tend to veer towards the package holidays, coupon and groupon deals, or the rustic lifestyle of the locals - so long as it’s cost-effective and entertaining. But aren’t we all bargain hunters anyway? After all, let’s face it: who doesn’t love a good deal?
  • THE LONEWOLFThe Lonewolf is completely comfortable with travelling alone - in fact they prefer it. They are not a total loner - in fact they’re actually more likely to mingle with those who they meet along the way. But travelling alone is never scary for them. They just like to arrange a holiday on their own terms.
  • THE POSH EXPLORERThe Posh Explorer likes to be comfortable when travelling. With a taste for the luxurious, they are not interested in ‘roughing it’. You’ll find them in The Ritz or The Hilton somewhere with a glass of bubbly, in a 5-star resort. Oh and as for flying economy? Nah, I don’t think so.
  • THE PACK TRAVELLERThe Pack Traveller hates to travel alone. They love to enjoy the sights and sounds of their new surroundings with their peers. For them, solo travel is just so...lonely. They’re likely to stick with mainstream tourist attractions whenever possible, because they crave the safety of numbers and popularity. After all, if all the other tourists flock there, then why would they want to miss out?
  • vacation, how to plan a first trip abroad
    THE VACATIONERThe Vacationer isn’t much of a backpacker or long-term traveller. Holidays for them are a chance to forget the stresses of everyday life, and a one or two week stint is comfortable for them. They tend to veer towards the comfort of established hotels and holiday resorts and they often make good use of package holidays, organized tours and excursions.
  • THE STAYCATIONERHome is where the heart is, and the Staycationer loves the comfort and security of domestic travel.They tend to flock to the main tourist attractions in their country and are not as excited by foreign foods and culture. After all, if you’ve got awesome resorts on your doorstep, then why go elsewhere?


When you travel, you take on multiple personalities. These personalities vary according to your surroundings, people you meet and deals available.

In order to understand what types of trips are going to give you the best memories and the best value for your money, you should really take a moment to understand what type of traveller you are.

Take me for example.

I’ve lived 10 lives as a backpacker and most of the people I met on the road, fell into at least one of the following categories at some point during their journey:

  • The Mainstream Tourist
  • The Weirdo
  • The Fringe Traveller
  • The Budget Backpacker
  • The Bargain Hunter
  • The Lonewolf
  • The Posh Explorer
  • The Pack Traveller
  • The Vacationer
  • The Staycationer

The slideshow above will describe exactly what slot you fit into.

Do any of these describe you?

Have I missed any?

Tell me in the comments below!

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