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What restrictions are on your services?

Ok, so there are a few things we do not offer:


Visa applications


We do not offer visa applications. We’ll happily give you all of the information you need to know about what travel visa you need for your situation, but we stop short of making the application for you. It wouldn’t feel right to charge you for a service, when we cannot offer a guarantee that your visa application will be successful.


Talking of visas, our research service only applies to travel visas. Immigration visas are a minefield, requiring lawyers that specialise in that area and that’s something we just don’t have.


Travel Insurance


We recommend you get your travel insurance from a specialist insurer. Although we can help you research most aspects of your journey, we are not an insurance company, nor do we have affiliation with insurers, so this is not something we are able to offer.


Child-specific activities


Neither myself or Mark (the other travel planner on our team) have any kids. Therefore, we are not best placed to offer activities specifically for children. If your children are doing the same things you are doing, then sure, of course we can put together some research for you. However, if you are looking for the best recommendations for young children, then we are probably not the best people to ask.

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