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Myanmar, villager

A day in the life at a Burmese village

I was in Myanmar when we walked into the dorm room. There were many elderly and disabled Burmese men in various states of suffering and the smell of sewage filled the air. The reason for that was because there was one very unwell and severely disabled man who was lying in his own excrement on a bed in the centre of the room. We learned that he had been left like that...

Top 5 tips for travellers in India

India is one of the most fascinating and majestic countries you can visit. It is said that you can explore India for several years and still only see a fraction of what she has to offer. If you visit India in the spirit of acceptance and the willingness to learn and soak in a culture that may be vastly different to your own, you will be richly rewarded. Observing the...

A taste of Burmese hospitality

I’d just left the soft, warm Nirvana of Thailand where the memories of the beach and the mind-blowing conversations I’d had with people were still fresh in my mind. I was very sad to leave the tropical paradise after spending weeks volunteering there and for the first time since travelling, I was looking at my journey to Myanmar with a little trepidation...

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